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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another Long Overdue Update

I am so sorry for being quiet for so long, you can always keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter!
OK, so updates!
The Awakened book II is behind schedule, we are trying to get the rest of the edits back from the publisher so we can wrap this one up.
Once that is done I will be focusing on The Awakened: Modern and The Awakened III.
The Awakened RPG is also being worked on behind the scenes and we hope to get some solid feedback very soon.
We also have Fall of Man and Bluffside: Expanded both coming out for Pathfinder and through a great 3PP, FoM is in final edits and layout with new art rolling in all the time, as we get closer to release I will be able to say more about this partnership.
Adventure In is also very close to getting Kickstarted, it is a fun, fast card game that started small and is only getting bigger, Samurai Sheepdog and Grey Fox Games are putting this one out very soon.
I am also very pleased to announce that I am working with Ed Greenwood Presents and working on some fiction for his HellMaw setting and more as it gets closer.
My hand is slightly less hypersensitive so that is good, the numbness is still there in half my hand so typing can be stressful and tiring. I am working through it the best I can.
I am planning on going to GenCon, originally I did not think I could attend, but I am going to go anyway and have FUN!
If you need me please message me on FB, Twitter or email me I am always around somewhere.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Long Overdue Update 10/19/14

First, I am sorry it has been forever since I blogged and it is mostly due to my recovery (or lack of) from my surgery that I had done 8/5/14.

So I will recap stuff I am working on:

Adventure In: It is a casual dungeon crawling adventure, you and 1 - 3 fellow Adventurers journey to face the ultimate Encounter! I am working on the art direction and it is looking great! We had a nice coming soon banner at GenCon and it was very exciting.

The Awakened book I: You should have your book soon or getting a refund if overseas if you have not received your books. If there is any issues email Neal at darkquestgamesatgmaildotcom subject line Kickstarter and please mention your name on KS and your tier.

The Awakened book II: Final edits are being completed, and final art is being wrapped up, it will be out late 2014/early 2015.

Awakened III, Modern, RPG, Isle of Bones: All being worked on for next year and in different stages of completion.

Bluffside for Pathfinder: edits are done, so it is a matter of art and layout, our Pathfinder items should be coming out through RGG soon!

Fall of Man Pathfinder: Final edits done, cover done, need interior art and layout.

Heroes of Gracia: Darrin Drader novel we put out and is available on amazon in eBook and trade (click choice to go to page).

Sam the Hanukkah Dragon: Still in our thoughts but with surgery issues, real life etc...kinda on back burner.

RPG Creators Relief Fund: I am president of this great charity and its first PDF bundle will be out soon, this charity is to help tabletop RPG creators and artists get some financial relief in a disaster. Please donate if you can, share it around wither way.

Other games, comic book for The Awakened and a few other things coming out, I hope you will purchase what I have worked on and then enjoy it!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weeks in Review 7/6/14 Edition

I have been quiet and I am sorry.

Let's get some updates:

The Awakened (book I), there are a few people who still have not received the books and I am trying to help resolve these issues with the publisher.

The Awakened (book II) edits should be happeneing, some interior art is being worked on as well as the cover, all should be in by end of August for a late 2014 release (I hope).

The Awakened RPG is also slowly getting ready, we are going over ideas, and tweaking stuff as we speak,

The Awakened: Isle of Bones anthology focusing on the first of 6 islands surrounding the mainland of Grimaton is also being worked on.

The Awakened: Modern is still on track for a mid 2015 release.

Adventure In is being worked on and playtested as we speak, and we hope to show more soon.

Pathfinder version of Fall of Man AND Bluffside: Ultimate Edition are completed and almost completed for a final edit. These will be available in PDF and print soon (ish).
Getting ready for GenCon and more updates on that soon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Salty Bay Con is This Weekend.

I will be hanging out and will have some of my books available.

Here is my schedule:

Our Industry Experience 1pm-2pm
Chris Jackson
Christopher Lee Wilde
Hal Greenberg

Critical Hit: Combat in Fiction 3pm-4pm
Chris Jackson
Christopher Lee Wilde
Hal Greenberg


Our Current Projects 12pm-13pm
Chris Jackson
Christopher Lee Wilde
Hal Greenberg

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week(s) in Review 5/27/14 Edition

Picture I have been a bad blogger, and for that I am sorry.
It has been over a month since my last post.

We have some great news about Fall of Man, it will be out this year and the tweaks are looking great. More about this and a few more RPG goodies in June.

Our next Expanded Race (Oasis Elves) should be out in June/July for C&C.

We have some boardgames in prototype stage and are a lot of fun, Adventure In is one of them.

I will be at Salty Bay Con this June 6, 7, and 8th.

Less than a week left for you to turn in the Open Call pitches for The Awakened: Isle of Bones.

We will have The Heroes of Gracia novel by Darrin Drader up on Amazon soon as well!

More projects and an exciting announcement soon™.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Picture Maywakened!


The Awakened update:

-All but a handful of the hardcovers have been or are being shipped. This means 90% of the hardcover backers should see their copy by mid-May! Thank you for your patience.

-The bonus story by Darren Pearce that was promised during the Kickstarter will be released this month.

-You still have the rest of the month to get your pitches in for the anthology The Awakened: Isle of Bones. If interested, click here and check it out!

-It is my birthday month! So how am I celebrating? By giving away presents to YOU!!! Just go to Goodreads for your chance to win a paperback version of The Awakened: Book I.

-If you have not bought The Awakened: Book I, what are you waiting for? If you already have, please head over and post a review and/or rating of it on these great websites:


Barnes and Noble


Here is a great review of the book that was posted over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

-The Awakened: Book II has been written and is slated to be released in late 2014

-I am THRILLED to announce the next three cover artists for The Awakened: Books II, III and IV!!!

Book II - Tony Sczcudlo - TSR artist most known for his work on Birthright and Magic cards

Book III - Jeff Easley - TSR artist most known for his work on the cover art of AD&D hardcover books

Book IV - Fred Fields - TSR artist most known for his work in Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft

-The Awakened: Modern Books I and II have been approved and the first book is slated to be released in early to mid-2015

This is all great news and I can’t wait to get more info out as we are allowed! Thank you for your continued support.

The Awakened is © and ™ Hal Greenberg 2012