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Sunday, April 22, 2012

SW:ToR MMO, good bye sweet mistress

So with my friends over last night (see post below this one) it was with a twinge of sadness that we decided to say goodbye to the new Star Wars MMO.  We did not play very much but we already finished the game on Nightmare (hardest) mode and when the 1.2 update came in with no ranked Warzones (player vs. player) we decided we were done, we were some of the last holdouts from our guild to leave, so with remorse (we wanted you to succeed, sweet mistress) we are letting our subscriptions lapse. 

It was fun, we had some good times in there but ended up being too easy, and then quickly got boring.  Since we all grew up MMO's are an easy way for us gamers to play and hangout without needing a babysitter etc...

Where to next, I do not know.  Secret World, Guild Wars 2, DotA2, none of the above????

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