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Thursday, May 31, 2012

What art or artists inspire you....

to use your imagination?

For me some examples are:Todd Lockwood, Ken Kelly, JP Targete and as a child nothing got me more excited then a new D&D cover or a new Elmore Dragonlance cover.  The original artists of D&D also made a huge impression on me: Elmore, Dee, Otus, Holloway, Pakinson, Easley, Caldwell and more.

I could just think myself into scenes and what my new latest and greatest character would do.
Thanks to all you artists for keeping that piece of imagination alive.

Between Dethoc and a Hard Caseimage © Todd Lockwood 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TV/Movie Props II

 Spurs from the series Deadwood.  There is also a partial view of a  training sword sheath from the movie Timeline there, but did not take a full pic of it.
Two swords from season 1 of Game of Thrones both sheaths signed by Lena Headey (the queen).

Thought I had more on the camera, sorry.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Update for 5/28

Project 1 no change (sigh), screams Troll Lords *shakes fist and mocks the gods*
Project 2 wrote some more and I should have a cover contract signed soon!
Had a great teleconference for a few hours Saturday night, and  proposal should be done by week's end.
Other misc projects are being discussed including a few for Kickstarter.
Put up my cool new logo of my name, thanks Laine Garrett.

What Authors Do You Reread And Why?

I am rereading some books I have and was wondering what books or authors do you reread and why?

For me: The Stand, Swan Song, Alexandre Dumas, Robert Adams and more.

So..... tell me yours, post here or post on FB.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who is and was serving our country, we sometimes do not treat you the best but you are the reason that we have the freedoms that we do today..

Shadowrun Update

So we made our characters the night before, grabbed gear and approval from the GM yesterday day and ended up having a lot of fun, I ended up being the thinker and planner and it worked.  We had to grab some scientist and make sure his work could not be found at the corp he was "working" for.  We stole a Doc Wagon truck from the repair facility and went at it, we had a bump in the road (another team was grabbing him at the same time) but it all worked out--for us that is.

Made some money no one on the team died and we almost used some of the bums in Seattle as a diversion, I said almost.
*sigh* Good times, good times.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Movie/TV Show Props part 1

OK, here are a few of my collection:

 Chestpiece from the show Rome, swords will be in part II
 Stunt pistol from the Move Serenity
 Zoe hero earpiece from Serenity
 Hero grappling hook from Serenity (final scenes where Alliance tear down the wall to get at the hero's)
 Pic 2 of same piece.

Next round: Deadwood, Serenity, and Game of Thrones!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Shadowrun game tomorrow

Get to play in my first Shadowrun game tomorrow, think I am going to ask for a pair of these:

Going to play an ex lieutenant from a SWAT team, he will be an half-elf with some cybernetics.  He will do what needs to be done but was framed when he was LT and will do whatever is needed to get the corp who framed him.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Read this and went woah!!!!

In a fiction book Robert Adams 1976 wrote:
"...ignorant men, when faced with a person or situation or object they could not understand, first fear, then fear breeds hate, then a means is found to justify that hatred"

Man reading is great, been eating lunch alone for a few weeks and eating then reading and going through about a book a week.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 Day Weekend, Incoming!


My plans are to be a guest in a Shadowrun (1st time) game on Saturday, then Saturday PM have another teleconference with fellow game designers, about...developing games.

Sunday and Monday real life stuff and I need to write some more on Project 2, Project 1 files are still not here and I need to write, so Project 2 wins my time.

Spend time with kids and get ready for Tuesday.

What are you doing?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have been thinking a lot today about what would my dream job be, and if I died today what would people remember me for?

Answer dream job is anyhting that I want to do and get paid for, full time art direcotr, writer, designer of games.

What would I be remembered for: No idea... hopefully, good father, good designer, good art director, being sarcastic and witty.

How about you?   As always reply here or on my FB page.

TV/Movie Props


I will be taking the pictures in a few days and will post some by Friday, promise!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Avengers Request to Remove Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton

From Funny or Die: By Dru Johnston May 17, 2012 
Subject: A formal request…
Hi Nick,
Sorry to bother you. I’m writing on behalf of the Avengers here, but we wanted you to formally reconsider the inclusion of Clint ‘Hawkeye’ Barton to the Avenger initiative. Amongst us we include a world class spy, a serum induced WWII super-soldier, an impenetrable beast, a genius with an iron suit and a nuclear reactor for a heart, and a legitimate demigod. We collectively agree that Clint, while pretty great at shooting a bow and arrow, should not be included in our ranks.
We understand this is a difficult position to put you in, but it might even be the best thing for Clint. He’s an excellent worker and will be able to land on his feet wherever he ends up… whether it’s an amateur archery range, or the archery section of an REI, or wherever, I’m just brainstorming here.
Thanks Nick,
Steve “Captain America” Rogers, on behalf of the Avengers
Subject: RE: A formal request…
Hi guys,
As always I’m happy to keep the discussion open and look forward to hearing your input. That being said the Avengers were created with a specific goal in mind, and your skills have clearly worked well together to combat the forces we’ve faced. He seems to fit his role nicely. So I don’t see any changes in the near future.
Keep at it,
Subject: RE: A formal request…
Hi Nick,
We definitely appreciate your time and consideration on this matter… however we really don’t feel like you’re seeing the whole picture here. Don’t get us wrong, we think Clint is a great guy and good friend. He’s definitely excellent at his skill set, we just are confused as to what his role is beyond ‘The guy with the bow and arrow’.
Steve (and the Avengers)

Subject: RE: A formal request…
Hi Steve,
I’ve noticed most enemies tend to avoid him. Maybe he’s doing something right.
Subject: RE: A formal request…
If I’m fighting a bunch of aliens with lasers and there’s one in the corner holding a boomerang I’m not telling people “We gotta get rid of that boomerang dude.” No one wants to bully the remedial kid.
Subject: RE: A formal request…
Hi Nick,
We totally get where you’re coming from. He’s definitely doing something right… gumption, dedication. Lord knows how much stuff he passed up in school to keep working on his bow and arrow skills with the rest of the Webelos. He’s a dedicated archer. Absolutely.
Now I don’t want to put words in people’s mouths, and we all appreciate the opportunity you’ve given us here, but we were all a bit hesitant when Clint was originally included in the emails. We all kept a positive attitude, and tried to showcase his exceptional use of antiquated technology, but to be honest I was a little insulted when I saw his name on the list. Like, was there something I was doing wrong? You know?
I think he’s also getting the sense we’re not all that into his ‘power,’ and he’s definitely overcompensating. During battle he spends a sizable chunk of his energy trying to impress us instead of fighting.
Subject: RE: A formal request…
Overcompensating? How?
Sent from my Droid, excuse typos
Subject: RE: A formal request…
He makes bets about how accurate he can get. He’s started calling us his merry men. Once he made everyone stop fighting to prove he could hit the same arrow that was already buried in a dead guy. I’ve also overheard him say things like:
-“So your catchphrase is ‘Hulk Smash’ huh? Yeah I was thinking ‘It’s time to shoot this bow and arrow.’”
-“Oh shoot. I’m out of arrows. Guess I can’t carry this Avenger battle anymore. Take it from here everyone else.”
-“Oh you’re a Norse god? That’s cool. I’m kinda like Katniss from the Hunger Games.”
-“Don’t call me Clint! My name is Hawkeye! Hawks are excellent hunters, I’ve seen one catch a pretty big fish before!”
-“If you could have any super power what would it be? Mine would be using a bow and arrow well.”
When I hulk out I can’t remember where I am, or even if I mauled the love of my life. I have vivid memories of all of these things, which should prove to you how ad naseum the entire situation has become.
Subject: RE: A formal request…
Natasha, thoughts?
Subject: RE: A formal request…
If I have to hear one more Cupid’s Arrow pun I will snap.
Subject: RE: A formal request…
Alright. We’ll let him have one more week as to not blindside him, but I’ll start writing up his recommendation. Until then I met someone who might be a good replacement. He goes by Daredevil. Full disclosure: He’s blind. But he’s got great hearing. He is also pretty flexible.
Subject: RE: A formal request…
Fuck you, Nick.



So what authors do you get excited about when you see a new book is being published by them?  My go to used to be Michael Crichton, while towards the end, he got a tad commercial his research and detail was fantastic on whatever he was writing about be it dna, pirates or time travel.

So who excited you?

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Project 1 (still waiting) *we WANT to work on it just need the files*
Project 1.5- May be published we will see.
Project 2 On track for 2013--Oct/Nov should be when we can talk about it.
Shot in the Dark, hope to hear more by end of May.

Been feeling ill so have not had a lot to post in the last week, but I will get better soon, promise.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Talking to people at work, and I am known as the honest guy, upper management even says so, but at the same time honesty burns bridges sometimes, how do you feel?

Is honesty the best policy?

As always post here, on my FB or email me!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Shot in the Dark May Hit...


You ever send a query letter or offer on a whim as a shot in the dark?  I have, and a few times I hit the mark.  Recently did so again and got a response that wasn't a no, yet.  So that is interesting, if anything becomes of this I will obviously say more.   Sad, but sometimes its just nice to get a response (positive or negative) not dead air.

For those wondering about my previous shots that hit the target:

Monte Cook's first freelance job post leaving WotC after 3.0
Todd Lockwood interior pic for Bluffside

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Influenced Your Imagination

As a kid, I read a lot and Robert Adams Horseclans Series, Sword of Shannara, Star Wars ( A New Hope) and Dungeon and Dragons and influenced and sparked my mind as a youth.

What sparked your imagination and influenced you as a kid, comment here, on FB or email me.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Guest at Necronomicon

It has been a few years since I was at a convention but here we go again!  I will be on 3 or so panels for Necronomicon,  a Tampa based con in its 31st year.

If you will be in Tampa, October 26-28th, please join me!  I will be posting this periodically to remind everyone.

The Secret World Beta-Update

OK, I may have been a bit harsh on TSW, I played a bit more this AM and it was more enjoyable, and the "wheel" of skills is pretty cool.  It is defiantly different and am no longer regretting my pre-order.  I will not be playing too much of the beta because I got burned out on early levels of Aion doing that so when the game started I was already sick of the starting areas.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Beta Test of The Secret World

 The Secret War – The Battle Continues in Week 4!

I am trying out the first beta weekend for The Secret World, and it seems fun but not "Wow, you must buy this, this is a WoW killer fun."  Just fun.  May have to rethink my pre-order.


Thought guns n magic may be fun, and it may, just possibly not for a long period of time.

Car Wars Kickstarter for 2013-Held Hostage

 Car Wars!

From Steve Jackson Games:
Long story short: If the Ogre Kickstarter project hits $700,000, we will schedule Car Wars for 2013. With forums and surveys starting in 2012 to determine exactly what you want. And those forums will be available only to those who support Ogre at the $23 level or above.
Not coincidentally, the $23 level does not require you to buy any Ogre stuff you don't want. (It horrifies me that someone might not want Ogre stuff, but we have to admit the possibility.) At the $23 level, you get the shirt that says "I Made Steve Jackson Work On Car Wars." It will be based on the original Car Wars cover.
With only four days left in the Kickstarter campaign, this would be a very good idea for you to tweet, or blog, or actually talk to your friends face to face, to make sure they hear about it, because we'd really like to hit that goal (and get past it to the $750K mark, which puts another exclusive sheet in every Kickstarter copy).  And we really don't want to get the sad letters saying "Pleeeeeze, I didn't support, but can I get onto those forums and help plan the new Car Wars?" Because that's a big 10-74. Negative.
Spread the word now, because time is short!
-- Steve Jackson
Here is my take, while I am a fan of Car Wars, and as a kid I made up more cars then played them, I feel like you are held hostage by OGRE (it did make this goal, so it will be made), you do not get it unless you support another game is weird, you can not help form the game unless you paid us and supported another game, just feels, well OGRE like.

I like all of SJG stuff, and I met a few SJG people in my time, all real nice.  But somewhere deep inside me this bothers me, I never played OGRE do not want to donate money to A so I can talk about B in 2013, so while I will support Car Wars, and play it when it hits, I will not be influencing it because I do not want to support a different game to have that ability.


As always, leave a comment here, on FB or email me!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pathfinder MMO Announced!

I am an MMO fan, I need something different, a sandbox MMO sounds real nice.
Here is the info taken from their Kickstarter page

Pathfinder MMO Tech Demo

About this project

We’ve heard it our entire careers: “Are you crazy?” “It can’t be done.” “Nobody would buy that.” “It’s impossible.” Yet we have succeeded in doing the impossible, time after time after time.
A roleplaying game where you play the monsters rather than the heroes? Are you serious?
Vampire: The Masquerade had its 20th anniversary last year.
Wait, you want to make a card game where you have to create your deck by buying booster packs of random trading cards? Nobody would buy that.
Magic: The Gathering is by far the most successful game ever in the history of tabletop gaming, and will celebrate 20 years in 2013.
You want to do WHAT? Make the Dungeons & Dragons game mechanics open source? That’ll kill the entire industry!
The Open Game License (OGL) revolutionized the RPG market in 2000, leading to hundreds of companies producing products compatible with the Third Edition of D&D.
Hold on—you’re going to create your own game to compete with Dungeons & Dragons? You’re wasting your time!
The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is now the world’s best-selling tabletop RPG.
So when we told people we wanted to create a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMO) for a fraction of the cost and development time of the big MMOs, you can imagine some of the responses we got.
It’s a pipe dream! Nobody can do that. It’s impossible.
Well, we’re the team that laughs in the face of impossible. Pathfinder Online is the project that will slay this dragon. And Goblinworks is the company that will make it happen. Impossible? We say nay!
Pathfinder Online is a hybrid sandbox/theme park-style MMO where characters explore, develop, find adventure and dominate a wilderness frontier in a land of sword and sorcery. The Pathfinder world is high fantasy in the tradition of epics like The Lord of the Rings, Conan, The Wheel of Time and Game of Thrones.
The Pathfinder setting includes many different classic and modern fantasy elements, from lost cities shrouded in misty jungles to decaying pyramids amidst deserts of burning sands to a fantastic island metropolis where folk from across the world live side by side with all manner of fantastic creatures. The Pathfinder world has a place for any story a player wants to tell. (For more information on the world of Pathfinder and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, please visit
Pathfinder Online’s robust trading system puts players in control of the world’s economy with player-created items, consumables, fortifications, and settlements. Character-controlled settlements can grow into full-fledged kingdoms that compete for resources as they seek to become the dominant force in the land, raising vast armies to hold their territory against the depredations of monstrous creatures, NPC factions, and other player characters.
Social organizations scale from small parties of a few adventurers to player nations inhabited by thousands. As settlements develop, the surrounding wilderness develops more complex and challenging features, including randomly generated encounters and resources as well as exciting scripted adventures.
For the past several months, the Goblinworks team has been working on three major projects.  We’ve been recruiting talent to fill out our art and design teams.  We’ve been working to make a final selection of the middleware that will drive Pathfinder Online. And we’ve been talking to investors to raise the capital we need to go into active production.
We announced Goblinworks and Pathfinder Online this past November because we wanted you, our community supporters, to hear about it first from us rather than getting hints from the grapevine that something was up at Paizo.  Since that announcement, we’ve had amazing meetings with MMO publishers and developers, game designers, and potential investors.
We’ve had to do all three of these things in parallel because there are a couple of intersecting “chicken and egg” problems here. Investing at this stage of a project is very much about having faith in the people working on the project—and we have some amazing folks who want to work with us, but they have careers and family obligations, so they can’t just pick up and relocate to Redmond on the hope that we’ll get the funding we need.  We’ll also need to show our investors specific details about our financials, which are affected tremendously by the deal we can secure for our middleware—the engine that runs the game. Our business experience and social networks have provided us access to some awesome middleware deals that aren’t readily available to outsiders, but sealing those deals is tied to the staff and funding issues as well. In short, we need to move forward before we can move forward.
And then the Internet Changed Everything. And the harbinger of this change is Kickstarter!
Seeing the Kickstarter success stories of Double Fine, The Order of the Stick, Wasteland 2, and Shadowrun Returns (to name just a few), we realized that Kickstarter could be just what we need to break through our roadblocks.
From the very beginning of Pathfinder Online, we’ve had a firm goal: we want a very close symbiosis with our customers, getting their feedback on our design ideas and, once the game is launched, iteratively adding content to the game based on their feedback. To provide transparency on our plans, we’ve been doing bi-weekly design blogs at, and we’ve been getting your feedback on the Goblinworks messageboards at We’ll continue to update the blogs and interact with our community throughout the Kickstarter process—and on into the future.
But right now, we need you to help us in a new way. We need you to help us PROVE to the world that our impossible dream is possible.
This Kickstarter will fund the Technology Demo of the Pathfinder Online Massively Multiplayer Online RPG.  The Technology Demo will be fully playable, integrating account management, character creation, a virtual world server, multiple simultaneously connected clients, middleware used for rendering landscapes and characters, basic game mechanics, and player communications.  The demo will only support a few simultaneous users exploring a couple of small locations, so the general public won't be able to play it, but we will produce a short video of the demo that everyone will be able to experience, and a special longer video exclusively for backers of this Kickstarter.
Your support of the Technology Demo will help us raise awareness of Pathfinder Online and will show potential investors what the game is really about.  Funding this demo will also signal to potential partners that Pathfinder Online has an audience that's large enough and dedicated enough to allow the long-term success of the MMO. Nothing speaks louder than a ton of people putting up money to show their support of a new concept—that’s the genius element of Kickstarter!
Since this Kickstarter isn’t meant to fund the final video game, we had to think outside the box a little bit. Pathfinder Online is based on the world created by Paizo Publishing for their tabletop Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, so we thought it would be pretty cool to work with Paizo to create an RPG book that details one of the locations that Pathfinder Online characters will start in. We settled on the town of Thornkeep—that’s the very same “hive of scum and villainy” that the Pathfinder Online community named in our first online poll back in January! To make Thornkeep come alive, we’ve enlisted the talents of veteran game designer Rich Baker. Rich is going to give you everything you need to run a Pathfinder RPG game in Thornkeep, including the surrounding woods and a detailed dungeon below the ruins upon which Thornkeep was built. This very same dungeon will also be built as part of our technology demo, providing a great window into how tabletop design will make the transition to the digital medium.

And that’s just the first half of a 64-page book! The remaining sections will be written by our Pathfinder Online design team, letting you into Goblinworks’ design philosophy and giving you inside information gleaned from the development of our technology preview. The Thornkeep book will be produced to Paizo’s usual quality standards—perfectbound, printed in full color, with lots of all-new original artwork, including a brand new beautiful cover painting by fan-favorite Pathfinder artist Wayne Reynolds (the cover you see here is a mock-up).
We didn’t stop there either! We’ve built up a wide range of Goblinworks-themed merchandise, from posters and T-shirts to an entire day spent playing Pathfinder and dining out with the Goblinworks staff at one of the world’s finest restaurants! We have a reward level for every pocketbook, so give them a look and tell us what you think!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hulk Smash Record! Avengers 2 is a go!!

From Yahoo News:
You knew it would happen eventually, but you have to admit you've been biting your nails just a bit, waiting for official word. Well, now you've got it. Marvel's The Avengers 2 will be made. How could Hollywood say no to a $207 million domestic opening weekend?

Disney CEO Bob Iger made the official announcement during a conference call with analysts to discuss quarterly earnings, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The news comes on the heels of previously announced sequels to Iron Man and Thor, both scheduled for release in 2013, while a Captain America sequel is expected to come in 2014. No release date has been announced yet for The Avengers 2.

Meanwhile, THR reports that the Joss Whedon-directed superhero extravaganza has raked in more than $700 million worldwide to date. That can buy a lot of shawarma...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Looks like I may be able to sneak in 1 or 2 Kickstarter projects of my own in before years end....want to try it out from the producing side not just the buying side.

Hopefully one idea may be out in the next 60-90 days,  the other around November.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Project Updates---No Updates

I am sorry to say I have no updates with any of the projects I am working on.  It appears all are moving forward but only update is Troll Lords (for Project 1) is working on what we need to work on project 1.
Saw the Avengers, Kudos Joss Whedon, great movie that happened to have superheroes in it.  Still enjoying Game of thrones and Veep on Sundays on HBO.

Update---Auction I wrote about below has started on eBay.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Arneson Game Collection Up for Auction

From ENWorld:
Dave Arneson, co-creator of D&D (other other, of course, being Gary Gygax) had - as might be expected - quite a collection. These items are being auctioned, and include, according to GeekDad, "..his original gaming dice. His original Dungeons & Dragons and Blackmoor campaign manuscripts. His first printing, woodgrain boxed set play copy of D&D. Letters from Gary Gygax. Other letters, notes, documents, artwork, photos, cartography, rare wargames and hand-made models and miniatures. And more."

There are about 10,000 items in total, and the series of eBay auctions will begin on Sunday, May 6th.
  • His original gaming dice.
  • His original Dungeons & Dragons and Blackmoor campaign manuscripts.
  • His first printing, woodgrain boxed set play copy of D&D.
  • Letters from Gary Gygax.
  • Other letters, notes, documents, artwork, photos, cartography, rare wargames and hand-made models and miniatures.
  • Published games, game accessories, periodicals, and books.
  • Arneson’s Smith Corona: Mark IV typewriter.
  • A set of lead crystal goblets etched with Arneson’s family heraldry.
  • A model ship made of metal.
  • Unpublished manuscripts that did not make it into the final draft of Dungeons & Dragons that date as far back as 1973.
  • Older items from 1971 and 1972 “dealing with the Blackmoor campaign and the Castle itself,” which may reveal secrets about the game’s origins.
  • Runs of Gygax’s Castle & Crusade Society and Domesday Book newsletters.
  • Arneson’s Corner of the Table newsletter which discusses his various campaigns, including his Blackmoor exploits.
  • Arneson’s personal copy of a book he created called “Dungeonmaster’s Index,” an index of all monsters, spells, rules, and magic items, which was published under his own name and without a license.
  • Arneson’s locked briefcase (contents unrevealed).
  • Arneson’s 1959 game of Risk.
This will be a series of auctions over the coming months, each containing some 200 items. The first auction on Sunday, May 6, includes several rare wargames and role-playing games owned by Arneson, as well as inscribed and autographed copies, editorial and review copies of products, items from Arneson’s library, and his personal play copies. Among the “many special items” are a series of Empire of the Petal Throne books and journals autographed by the late game designer M.A.R. Barker, who died in March of this year.

You'll find the auctions on eBay at this link, though there won't be anything there until May 6th.

 Later in the posts it states that the IP will stay with he family but the documents will be sold, that intrigues me and I wonder a few things:
1) Is that legal?
2) Is it enforceable
3) Will that reduce the value of these documents, due to their investment value dropping.

As always, post here of on my FB or email me what you think.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Super Moon

From Reuters:
The full moon rises behind a mosque as a kite flies in Amman May 5, 2012. Saturday will see the rise of a full moon called the 'Super Moon' when it arrives at its closest point to the Earth in 2012. REUTERS-Ali Jarekji

WASHINGTON | Sat May 5, 2012 3:51pm EDT
(Reuters) - A "super Moon" will light up Saturday's night sky in a once-a-year cosmic show, overshadowing a meteor shower from remnants of Halley's Comet, the U.S. space agency NASA said.
The Moon will seem especially big and bright since it will reach its closest spot to Earth at the same time it is in its full phase, NASA said.
The Moon "is a 'super Moon,' as much as 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than other full Moons of 2012," it said in a statement.
The scientific term for the phenomenon is "perigee moon." The Moon follows an elliptical path around Earth with one side, or perigee, about 31,000 miles closer than the other, or apogee.
The Moon will reach perigee at 11:34 p.m. EDT (0334 GMT on Sunday). One minute later, it will line up with the Earth and the Sun to become full.
The last perigee Moon was on March 19, 2011, when it was about 250 miles closer than Saturday's.
A perigee full Moon can bring tides that are higher than normal but only by an inch or so (a few centimeters). The effect can be amplified by local geography, but only by about six inches.
The light from the perigee Moon will wash out all but the brightest fireballs from the springtime Eta Aquarid meteor shower, NASA said. From 40 to 60 meteors from the shower normally can be seen each hour.
The Eta Aquarid meteors make up the debris trail of Halley's Comet, which passes by Earth every 76 years.

Your Choice

I have been reading a lot lately of people's "xxxxx of choice", be it games, books, video games, food.
I find it fascinating how people become so passionate about certain hobbies or items or authors.
What do you think drives people to that level of dedication?  Just trying to figure out how to tap into that.

As always if you want to comment and do not have an account here just post on facebook.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Art Round 2

 J.P. Targete original oil done at a convention and auctioned off, I love this piece.
 Touché Pussycat, an original production drawing from "Tom and Jerry".
 Rough color of the painting included in the most recent Sword of Shannara Leather bound Limited Edition by Doug Beekman

 pair of Limited Edition 80's pieces by Al Williamson from Zanart, sorry Luke, that you are blurry.
Limited set of Star Wars Posters, I have a matching signed set #1/150

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Help Someone in Need

Jaime Chambers' sister's house and all her possesions were recently lost in a devastating home fire.  There is a page to help donate money/clothes/toys.  She is a single mom of two and the way I see it is, if you needed help wouldn't you like to know people are out there that will help you?

Call it a mitzvah, donation, karmic push, but if you can help please do!

Read all about it here!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some of the Art, as promised.

Here are some of my originals, as always, comments here or on FB will be answered or email me if you have a private question.

 Todd Lockwood original oil, Magic the Gathering
 An original sketch of my favorite cartoon, Hong Kong Phooey, this was pre-production and notice the black robe, not orange.
 Even a Jew can love Max from the Grinch that Stole Christmas, signed by both creators Jones/Noble.
A Ken Kelly rough recreated original of one of my favorite series as a kid, the Horseclans.

My Art Collection (coming soon)

Someone emailed me about seeing some pics of my art collection, I will take some pics over the next few days and pick a few and post them here