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Friday, June 29, 2012

"Obamacare" heats up the internet!

Let me just say that I try and stay our of most political and religious posts, lets face it, I design games, and write fiction I do not want anyone to not buy my product because of my political views, because I am Jewish, whatever, But my feelings are such: Anyone who is so politically left (or right) where they just spew whatever they feel is a good meme to support their side is politically blind. And anyone who would request people to be removed as friends due to a political view makes me sad. Some of my best discussions with friends are about hot topics, and at the end we usually both learn something. I admit we need healthcare reform, I also admit I do not know if PPACA is the correct bill to make it happen. So if that causes me to be removed so be it. I simply remove 99% of all political posts and meme's without reading them if they are from someone whom I do not care to read their agenda, I have never asked someone to leave my friends list and I certainly do not feel they are ignorant. OK, end of rant.

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