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Friday, August 17, 2012

Bluffside Designer Spotlight #1

First up we have Brian Boonstra:

How long have you been gaming?
 I've been gaming since 1983.

What's your fondest gaming experience?
 I always remember we wanted use all the maps that came in the Top Secret/SI box set. So my two friends and myself had an all weekend long adventure going from the warehouse, to steamer ship, then office building and finally the airplane.  It was full of plot holes and railroading of characters but it was awesome when you're 10.

What parts of Bluffside are you currently working on?
I am mostly working on converting all the NPC's over to Castle and Crusades.

What is your favorite part of Bluffside?
 It feels like a living breathing city.

What is your most challenging job redesigning Bluffside for Castle and Crusades?
 Converting the spell list from 3rd edition to C&C


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