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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guild Wars 2

I recently purchased Guild Wars 2, I did not read about it much, but the response seemed well to it and a HUGE advantage for me was it is free to play, so I will always have an active account and will not get mad if I pay in advance and then not play for a few weeks.  This does tend to happen to me since there are times I have deadlines to a publisher and will play less and some weeks of an open schedule that I can play more.
I am really enjoying the game, what it does right:
Any race can be any class from first logging in (PvP) is world vs world so it does not matter
The armor weapons look cool (yes looking at you Star Wars)
The animations are great, from combat to jumping, each race really stands out
Account wide bank
Account wide gathering bank, you’re at a crafting station, if you  have mats in your gathering bank it is just there for any of your toons
The questing and exploring feels fresh
The group events are fun
The Karma point system is intuitive and lets you get fun stuff as you level
The automatic down leveling of your character as you go through zones so everything you kill is your “level”, so easy to group with anyone of your level or lower

It is really a smooth, exciting, innovative game in an oversaturated boring field.

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