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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almost Done With The Two Big Projects-NEXT?

It is almost 11/1 and my two big projects, my anthology and Bluffside for C&C are almost done and will be done by the end of this month as far as my part goes.

I have one project that we are working on, another new venture (like the book) and will take some of my free time but not much.

So I look towards the new year with little on my plate....we have ideas, we have some people inquiring about freelancing but nothing set in stone.

What I would love to be doing next year:
Project above does well and moves ahead.
Bluffside for Pathfinder-expanded and enlarged.
Another anthology for The Awakened.
A comic adaptation of The Awakened-no luck finding a comic artist/publisher who is willing to work with this with me (lol).
A few freelance jobs of projects that excite me.

Since I have a full time job in addition to "the cool stuff", I tend to have more freedom and less pressure to get jobs, while the freedom is nice it sure would be great to do something you love and be financially secure.

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