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Sunday, December 23, 2012

How People Found Me

From time to time I like to post how people found me I find in interesting and mostly amusing.
And here we go:

jim hammond sealtac ii

necronomicon logo

really angry face

game of throne sword

merry christmas shadowrun

movie real cartoon

pen writing on paper animation

pictures of honesty

shadowrun cars

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Salty Bay Con

New convention in Tampa Salty Bay Con, check it out .
It is at the very beginning, get in on the bottom floor.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

What a Great Productive Weekend!

This weekend has been really productive for me but on projects I have not worked on before.
While Samurai Sheepdog is getting up and running as a company, and we have a few projects in different stages I had a creative streak and am working on two projects with two people I have not had the pleasure to work with before.

Even if neither come to fruition, starting to work on my first sound idea for a board game and my first rough attempt at a children's book have been some fun stuff.

I want to thank the people that are willing to even start discussions with me on this Marc F and Jim P.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Need Playtesters

As it gets closer to 2013 I realized we have a few projects that we would like to come out BUT we need help, we need playtesters.

Playtesters are people willing to print up rules and temporary "pieces" (if needed) and play the game and then write up any thoughts and opinions.
It is not hard but you are depended on, to take a serious look at the item and critique it fairly and honestly.  It is one of the few positions in gaming that your opinion can change the item.

So if you like role playing games (C&C, PF only for now), board games send me an email at hal at samuraisheepdog dot com.

In that email put in the subject line playtest-(and what you would like to playtest), in the email tell me a little about you, your gaming group and anything else that may seem like a positive.  Also list your name and all of your groups names since we will need NDA's (non disclosure agreements) on some items plus you get your name in the game you playtested!

Look forward to working with you in 2013!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Original of the Cover--The Awakened

Thanks Greg, it looks great!  Came with a fancy envelope as well, I do not want to crack the seal its so cool looking!  Happy Hanukkah to me.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What's in a Name?

Some people have asked where the name of the new company came from, well here it is....
Doug and I were looking for a unique name that people whould remember and we wanted something that did not have the word games in it since we have some non game ideas.

That was when my daughter decided to "dress up" our sheepdog.
I started to call her my samurai sheepdog, and we both (Doug and I) while on the phone really liked it, it is something that people will remember!

So the name was born, then we started working on logo's and an image and the very talented Jhoneil did us the honor of taking care of the art for us, and so Samurai Sheepdog is born.

In a few I will explain a little more about some projects we are currently working on.

Come visit us at our Facebook Page

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It is Official, Bluffside for C&C!!!

TLG 8509 Bluffside City on the Edge
Adventure, 120 pages (estimated), Perfect Bound
ISBN: 978-1-936822-56-0

Bluffside: City on the Edge Civilization is still picking up the pieces following an asteroid strike two hundred thousand years ago. The epicenter? Bluffside. Only 208 years after its rediscovery, Bluffside is a boom town boasting the most precious metal in the known world - adamantine. From the ancient ruins of Sem La Vah, to the vast Undercity, to the floating port of Sordadon, Bluffside: City on the Edge promises to become the home port for thousands of adventurers. Used as a stand alone city, or combined with other sourcebooks, thereby creating a modular world one great area at a time.

We are lining up cover artist Jason Walton of Myriad Studios to bring the City on the Edge back to life!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Closer to Spilling the Beans

We had a great phone meeting about some upcoming releases!
We spoke to two people who (once announced) will be coming aboard as Project Managers.

I am just waiting for Doug to have all the ducks in a row, then I can start spilling said beans!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kickstarter Tiers and Goal Ideas

In the process of working on some and helping another, what are some cool ideas/things you would like to see as tiers and stretch golas for Kickstarter?

Role playing Game books and a hardcover fiction book.

Any ideas, post here or on my Facebook or even e-mail me!