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Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Need Playtesters

As it gets closer to 2013 I realized we have a few projects that we would like to come out BUT we need help, we need playtesters.

Playtesters are people willing to print up rules and temporary "pieces" (if needed) and play the game and then write up any thoughts and opinions.
It is not hard but you are depended on, to take a serious look at the item and critique it fairly and honestly.  It is one of the few positions in gaming that your opinion can change the item.

So if you like role playing games (C&C, PF only for now), board games send me an email at hal at samuraisheepdog dot com.

In that email put in the subject line playtest-(and what you would like to playtest), in the email tell me a little about you, your gaming group and anything else that may seem like a positive.  Also list your name and all of your groups names since we will need NDA's (non disclosure agreements) on some items plus you get your name in the game you playtested!

Look forward to working with you in 2013!


  1. Are you still looking for play testers?

    1. Always, drop me an email at the address above!

  2. Will do! My group will be excited for a play test.