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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week in Review (Late) 1/28/13

Man am I behind, I like to try and wrap things up but I was just not on my A-game this week.

The Awakened final edit for my short came over to me and I am hoping the rest of the authors see them soon as well.  I asked for an idea of when we should expect to see the book, when I know so shall you.

Working on an off shoot of the same series as we speak, just in starting process for me, I tend to think through my stuff like a movie so I am really just starting out introducing the main characters in my head. I can tease that a logo is almost done and a cover is being worked on.

Board game #2 is one step further, so we are slowly getting there.

I just checked on when TLG thinks Bluffside for C&C will be out, hope to find that out soon.

Hotel for GenCon reserved, now for plane tickets and getting passes (the easy stuff).

OK, carry on week, I have finished up my wrap up!

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