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Monday, February 25, 2013

Week in Review 2/25/13

2013 is cruising by very fast, lets see what we did/didn't get this week.

The Awakened Kickstarter should be in April, things are getting hammered out now, supporting this will get a limited run HC and the eBook as well, it will have some fun options as well, so I hope it does very well.

I am working on a convention module for C&C with Peter, who is our in house C&C guru, I am filling out his idea and helping a bit, it will be his baby, once con season is over we will probably put it up for sale on

Interludes is about a week away our first Samurai Sheepdog release.

Boardgame #1 is on hold until an artist can start working on some samples.

Boardgame #2 is looking for feedback and is still being looked at.

Bluffside for C&C "rough" cover came in and it looks great so far, very impressed with the cover artist.

Logo for The Awakened: Modern is done!

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