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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week in Review 3/24/13

The Awakened anthology-no updates

The Awakened Modern anthology-rough cover should be here in a week or so

Boardgame #1-artwork has started!

Boardgame #2-rough playtest was a success, needs a lot more work but it was fun and moved at a decent pace

Interludes: BEtB got its first review at RPGNow, 4/5 stars!

Bluffside, no updates

Children's book, artist has gotten quiet so I do not know what the status is

Saturday, March 23, 2013

First Review for Our C&C Adventure!

4/5 stars!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week in Review 3/19/13

I an late in this week's update simply because it has been a slow week.

No updates on The Awakened
No updates on Bluffside
No reviews for Interludes: Brief Expedition to Bluffside (C&C)
No meetings on boardgame #2
No rough art for boardgame #1
No updates for children's book

I will be shaking trees for updates this week on most of the above.

I have a real basic playtest for boardgame #2 to see if it is fun and if we are headed in the right direction.

I hope to have more goodies next week!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kickstarter-Good, Bad, and the Ugly

So as of today I have backed 54 projects on Kickstarter, I have received maybe 20.  To be fair a bunch are still going or have just ended.

In my year of doing this I have spent as little as $1, telling someone I like the idea but do not want anything, up to well more than a $1 for art and a few watches (watches are one of my weak spots).

I have received a few of the high end items and had to send one back due to a flaw in manufacturing and expect a replacement this week.

I would say more than half of the Kickstarters have been late, some are so late they are ones I did at the beginning and still have not been completed let alone shipped.

My biggest issue with Kickstarter is lack of communication once it is over, if you are running behind, have a manufacturer gaffaw or something tell us, most people will understand, just tell them the truth.

When you set up the Kickstarter make sure you set the delivery dates with a built in error buffer and than add a month just to make sure.  I would rather see an honest delivery time than one you think people want to see.  I have yet to pull the trigger on a project due to when it should be delivered, I am hesitant to buy something else from you if I felt

The biggest complaints I see are missed delivery dates, lack to communicate about those dates.

I am preparing a few Kickstarters and helping on a few others and I need to keep this in mind when I start out working on mine.

I will not list my disappointments since I feel that is not a cool practice if you are looking to back something and see I have backed them in the past drop me an email and I have no issues talking to you about it.

Some of the people I have been happy with on communication, in no particular order:

Stan!--lots of info updates, lots of pictures.
Monte Cook-lots of updates.
Matt Forbeck- informative updates on status
Fate- lots of updates, and informative as well, even has links of stuff ready to look at
T&T Deluxe-updates on a regular basis, and updates on status of items.
Royal Cherry Leather-had very good updates on status, even emailed me to confirm stuff (nice touch)
Larry Elmore-not many but when we get one it is a solid update, cover done etc..
Jim Pinto-Lots of updates and even a here is what to expect
Misfit Heights-Lots of communication, one even said we may get stuff ahead of delivery date *gasp*
King of Crime-Dan Smith-daily updates during the campaign, and he si still updating a lot!
Reaper Mini's- lots of status updates
ENWorld-Morrus-lots of updates and rewards have already started being received*

The most prolific during their campaigns would be Dan Smith, Monte Cook, and Jim Pinto.

I do not know if I will be as active this upcoming year on Kickstarter but att his point I see no reason not too, I am not blaming the site for late items and dates broken but the individuals and those companies who set up the campaign in the first place.

* I do know some of these people personally but that did not influence the quality/quantity of their updates.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week in Review 3/10/13

The Awakened Anthology: Received about half of the stories edited, sent them to the authors for review, we are soooooo close.

Once we wrap that up we talk The Awakened: Modern

Ordered art and logo for boardgame #1, once a logo is done we will call it by its name I promise.

Worked on boardgame #2 for about an hour and we have some rough rules, enough to do a very basic playtest in house (meaning my house, literally).

Bluffside has a cover and it is looking great, can not wait to see the rest.

Still working with said artist for the kids book, once we have some solid info I will talk about it some more.

Samurai Sheepdog is having pdf issues we have been trying for almost 10 days to get Interludes up, we are stumped why Onebookshelf can not read the pdf.

Awakened Update 3/10/13

Just sent out 6 more shorts in their edited states to the authors, we are on track for a 4/1/13 finish! Look for the Kickstarter in mid-April for the book with all its options (hardcover, paperback, eBook)


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Castles and Crusades Updates!!

We should have Interludes in pdf available within 48 hours and we just got the official cover for Bluffside for C&C by TLG...without further ado, here it is!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Gary Gygax and Me

I had a few run ins with Gary, but my run in with him when we went to our first GenCon as a publisher and I gave him a few of our books was great, we talked a bit and went over some great moments in RPG history and then I managed to try not to look too much like a fanboy but I got this done!

Week in Review 3/4/13

Well I need to start out by saying today is March 4th, GM's day which means it is the day Gary Gygax passed away, the GM of all GM's.

Slow but hopefully steady on The Awakened anthology.

The Awakened: Modern is not going anywhere until we get the first one tied up (except for the cover).

We should have Interludes up at later today (crosses fingers), with the next item in testers hands by mid March to go on sale in May.

Boardgame #1, waiting a bit for some artists, should be moving forward soon.

Boardgame #2, had some great ideas/planning just need some write ups and Jim was at ECCC this week, so I am sure we will see more by next week.

Children's book is slowly evolving, pretty sure I have an artist locked in.

Bluffside for C&C, no updates but being just a writer that tends to be the standard so no worries there.