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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week in Review 3/10/13

The Awakened Anthology: Received about half of the stories edited, sent them to the authors for review, we are soooooo close.

Once we wrap that up we talk The Awakened: Modern

Ordered art and logo for boardgame #1, once a logo is done we will call it by its name I promise.

Worked on boardgame #2 for about an hour and we have some rough rules, enough to do a very basic playtest in house (meaning my house, literally).

Bluffside has a cover and it is looking great, can not wait to see the rest.

Still working with said artist for the kids book, once we have some solid info I will talk about it some more.

Samurai Sheepdog is having pdf issues we have been trying for almost 10 days to get Interludes up, we are stumped why Onebookshelf can not read the pdf.

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