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Monday, March 4, 2013

Week in Review 3/4/13

Well I need to start out by saying today is March 4th, GM's day which means it is the day Gary Gygax passed away, the GM of all GM's.

Slow but hopefully steady on The Awakened anthology.

The Awakened: Modern is not going anywhere until we get the first one tied up (except for the cover).

We should have Interludes up at later today (crosses fingers), with the next item in testers hands by mid March to go on sale in May.

Boardgame #1, waiting a bit for some artists, should be moving forward soon.

Boardgame #2, had some great ideas/planning just need some write ups and Jim was at ECCC this week, so I am sure we will see more by next week.

Children's book is slowly evolving, pretty sure I have an artist locked in.

Bluffside for C&C, no updates but being just a writer that tends to be the standard so no worries there.

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