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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Children's Book-Sam the Hanukkah Dragon

Sam the Hanukkah Dragon is coming to town….

From the mind of Hal Greenberg and the brush of Jeff Easley comes a new icon for the winter holidays, we have Santa, Rudolph, Frosty and now, Sam.

Sam the Hanukkah Dragon is the story of a young dragon in a medieval village who is upset that there are no Hanukkah representatives.   By trying to help his family he himself becomes that icon. This children’s book in the vein of Dr. Suess and fully illustrated by Jeff Easley will be a Kickstarter project in October 2013 and if funded will be released late 2014-early 2015.

About Jeff: Jeff Easley was born in Nicholasville, Kentucky in 1954. He had an early interest in art, especially when it had a fantastic element. To say he is a huge Frank Frazetta fan is an understatement. He graduated from Murray State University in 1977. He had a brief fling at freelancing that resulted in a few projects with Warren Publishing and Marvel comics. In 1982 he had the opportunity to join the art staff at TSR Inc. which was starting to hit their stride with their Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. It is said that the amazing artwork of Jeff Easley, Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson and Clyde Caldwell helped propel Advanced Dungeons and Dragons to new heights in the 1980's and early 1990's. During his 20+ year tenure at TSR/WOTC Jeff did many rulebook, boxed set, and module covers for all of TSR's gaming worlds including the iconic 1st Edition AD&D hard covers and then all of the 2nd Edition core hard cover rule books. In addition, Jeff was responsible for many famous Dragonlance and Drizzt paintings. Afer parting ways with WOTC in 2003, Jeff found himself freelancing once again,and is currently producing art for various companies and individuals. And of course, picking up PUG POO...

About Hal: Hal Greenberg is a five-time ENnie nominated game designer who recently started a new company, Samurai Sheepdog, with his previous business partner Doug Herring.
Hal has been a guest speaker at Necronomicon and GenCon and has been honored to work with many of today’s leading writers and designers, including but not limited to: Monte Cook, Todd Lockwood, and Ed Greenwood. This year Hal will have Bluffside: City on the Edge for Castles and Crusades published by Troll Lord Games and a new fantasy anthology called The Awakened, whose setting and design was created by Hal, released. He also has a few other projects still in the developmental stage (read: secret). To keep up with him and find out about more of his upcoming projects go to

Sam the Hanukkah Dragon is © and ™ Hal Greenberg 2013


  1. This project sounds so awesome that I don't want to miss it if I get busy in October. Is there a way to join an email list to get reminded when this Kickstarter kicks off?

    1. I would say join the Facebook page:, Jeff is a little behind but I am still shooting for October Kickstarter, thanks for your interest!