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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hanukkah-Rules of the Road

I have been thinking about Hanukkah a lot since we started working on the book Sam the Hanukkah Dragon.
Here is some advice on gift giving for this holiday to parents:
Number your gifts, it sucks when you get one gift and you open up a game for a console that you do not own yet because it is somewhere in the pile.
Batteries are not a gift, add those to the item, nothing stinks more than getting something and having to wait till you get batteries for said new item.
Eight days of gifts, kids understand some will be duds or filler, kids are usually OK with that, saying that underwear or socks are not filler items.  Those are necessities.
Make sure it is fun opening the gifts.
Understand that when Hanukkah is late, that kids may get frustrated because on Christmas kids get the gifts all at once, we have to be patient and then we get socks on day 1—BLECH!!!!
Lastly, make sure you look for Sam the Hanukkah Dragon on Kickstarter around November, 2013!  Save your shekels and buy one for each and every family member!

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