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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ideas, Huh, What are they good for? Absolutley Everything!

That was my creative twist on the song "War".

Ideas, I love them, sometimes they flow into something bigger, better or at least different.

The Awakened, started as a short about my main characters Tangris, Vigi and Fritien and as I evolved the world in my head I realized that it would be that much cooler to see if from a lot of points of view, so I hired Tom to make a map, I always had the double moon concept so I started working on logo's for it, started the basics of world building and then spoke to Dark Quest Books about publishing an anthology.  Everything fell into place and a bunch of talented writers said "yes" to me when I asked if they would be part of the world with me.

I love these stories, the characters, the feel of the setting, and I can not wait for you to be able to experience it with me.

I am hoping tomorrow will be the launch of The Awakened Kickstarter and you can see what one little idea blossomed into.

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