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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week and a Half in Review 4/4/13 Edition

Well, this has been a very productive few days away from reality, lets jump right in:

The Awakened-All stories have been edited and sent to authors and came back, we are almost done, Kickstarter meeting Friday night and I hope to see it up mid April.  We have some nice goals and tiers and add-ons, so I REALLY  hope it does well, part of the goal is to guarantee to see up to 3 more books in this setting 2 of them with the fantasy one!

Boardgame #1-We have some rough images from the artists, looking real good, really starting to feel that dark and gritty feel

Boardgame #2- Had a great meeting with my co-writer, all is moving forward and we think we will have a downloadable pdf soon (ish), if you love quick, fun boardgames, drop me an email and we can see about having you playtest it.  Logo is done as well.

Children's book- I am really happy to say that the artist has agreed and we are sending contracts out soon, and I am really excited (for a few reasons) about this project.  I will be able to release more info soon, I promise!

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