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Monday, April 29, 2013

Week in Review 4/29/13


As I am sure you are aware the Kickstarter for The Awakened is in full swing, while it is doing well we can always use more pledges, ans shares, so please spread it around.  I am trying to get the cover and some excerpts from the book for people-that is a current work in progress.
I am also working on a little surprise for backers (and then the public), it may be done today but I want to hold off to a milestone, 100 backers, $3k in sales, something.


Boardgame #1: Logo is almost complete, once we finish it we will start slowly releasing more information on it.

Boardgame #2: Still working on rules.

Sam the Hanukkah Dragon: Got the first sketch of Sam from Jeff, and all I can say is "Holy crap is he talented."

Playtested some boardgames this weekend from an old friend, I liked them, had fun.  Was asked to help on one of the two said projects, so it looks like I will be involved somewhat with it.

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