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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I was thinking about this the other day, priorities are very important in the big picture.  I left a job I really enjoyed in law enforcement because they were giving me grief about how I could not work some nights and some weekends because I was a single father and my kids are more important than my job. 
I now work at a job that is not the best in the world, not does the pay reflect that but I have a house, car and can buy cool things when I want and it helps fund my projects that I work on and at the same time they are cool if my kids are sick and I need to leave early or take them to the doctor and that makes this job priceless.
They also give me the flexibility to take time off on my terms (like going to GenCon).
So no matter if you work for the man or that man happens to be yourself make sure you determine what is important and make sure there is time to do that.
So take a few minutes when you can and spend time with your kids, reading a book, playing a game or like me working on books and games when I am not spending time with my kids, but just make sure you take that time.

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