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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sometmes Freelancing and Publishing Get Blurred

So I have spoken about freelancing and publishing before but sometimes it becomes a blur.
First let me say one of the flaws/great things is that gamers/geeks/nerds have passion.  It means we will give it our all, we want it to succeed, we think it will, call it delusions of grandeur or just a good imagination.  We have so much passion that sometimes it can be a bad thing.
I am that passion guy, if I am working on a project I am all in which is great if needed but I am probably a pain to publishers, these works are my babies and I need to make sure my kids are at the front of the class and get to cut in the lunch line.
I am sure most of the times, they mumble, man he is annoying but thank god he reminded me of xxx.
In the case of The Awakened anthology, I was fortunate enough to have complete control until the turn in.  I was allowed to choose the writers, the cover artist I already had the logo/map and setting ©, so it was mine.  Because it was mine I have a vested interest even if I do not make any additional money off of doing so.
This is a blessing and a curse for the publisher because I am all in his business asking when things will be done and we need to do xxx by yyy .  This would have never happened if I did not feel so close to the project. 
So I am working all angles of the project even though it is not my project, it is quite exhausting and when delays come, quite heartbreaking, I do understand he has a lot of other books he is working on but this one is important, it is mine!
I want him to make money so we can make more books so we can get these great stories to more people so we can get an RPG, then a spinoff of books, then a graphic novel, then a movie….*poof*  OK, I am back, but that is how I feel, I want this thing to be great I want to do it right, I want others to be as excited as I am.
I am feeling some of that from some of the people really excited about the setting and the animals with sapient abilities when awoken.  I just want the publisher to be as passionate and excited as me, and that is not realistic but when I am working so hard on something so personal how can you not do everything you can to make is a success.
OK, next time, a look into publishing.

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