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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week in Review 5/30/13--Late Edition

Finally recovering from a wicked cold/flu, still not 100% but close.

Less than 10 days left for our anthology on Kickstarter-Click Here to check it out. Please pledge if you can, we really want to write more books.

King of Thieves is moving along nicely, more art is coming in and more playtesting.

A new Kickstarter project was born and looks like it will be the first one done by Samurai Sheepdog, Fall of Man, an RPG set in the distant post apocolypic future.  Dwarves with shotguns, sold!  It is almost done being written and has some interior art and a cover, so it is an easy thing to get ready for a Kickstarter.

Sam the Hanukkah Dragon is slowly getting some art and an edited version was sent to Jeff.

Gearing up for GenCon looking forward to seeing a lot of old and new friends.

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