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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Publishing-Is it an advantage?

OK, so now I talk about publishing, it is rewarding and crappy all in one!

The good:
You get to make the calls (good or bad), you want double the art in your book, go ahead it is your book,  want no art and make a statement, it is up to you.  The thing you need to remember is every decision has consequences.  Sales may not be high with the lack of art or sales will need to be huge due to the budget of all the art, so really think about those decisions more excel sheets, less cool factor.
Now saying that sometimes you need a cool factor--Thunderhead Games made a name for itself for a few reasons, one of them was we were the first to hire Monte Cook after he left WotC during the d20 bubble, now it was for a prestige class but we were first.  You know who got Todd Lockwood as well, yup, this guy.  That was worth it for both because of the PR we got as well as some instant street cred.  Would I do it again, if need be.  Maybe.
With PDF self-publishing being at the up and front now it is a huge boon to make stuff fast and inexpensively and the biggest advantage--more variation, because the entrance is inexpensive, the more likely people will be willing to write and develop that odd book, which if it was print only, you may not of ever seen the stuff available.

A great example is SGG, they have so much stuff, it is small brilliant pieces of work, these works most likely would never have seen the light of day if the PDF market was not around.  To have missed out on these would truly be a shame.

So it is great to be your own boss and get done what you want to and also work with whom you want to but remember if you are paying people you will need to make some money.  So keep it all in mind, you will need a healthy balance in order to be successful and able to keep making those games you want.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your products coming out and getting praise for the great cover you had done etc....

Next Publishing: The bad.

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