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Monday, June 10, 2013

Week in Review 6/10/13

Well it isn't con crud but I am sick, so that myth about cons may be true.

OK, onto the interesting stuff!

Salty Bay Con was busy, for a first year con I was impressed lots of games and excitement abound, if you live in the Tampa Bay, FL area and like RPG's, boardgames come check it out.  I really liked the idea where they had some games to borrow and play, it let people experience new games at no cost and brought in new fans for those lines, brilliant. 

The Awakened did well, and we reveal soon more items for that setting.  I am hoping the publisher, once the funds are in will get the eBook together ASAP and send it out for the print run, I am hoping to surprise backers by having it ready earlier than the stated delivery date!

Fall of Man is moving along and I met Frank Frey who wrote Twilight 2000 and I am going to put the line manager in touch with him because I think he would be a great resource for that line.

The boardgames and Sam the Hannukah Dragon have no real movement this week from my view, but I know stuff is being worked on in the background.

I am slowly working on a project with Jim Pinto, but now the KS and the con is over I am going to try and focus on it before other stuff get closer-timing is everything!

I will also write another piece about publishing soon, I promise.

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