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Monday, July 29, 2013

Week(s) in Review 7/29/13

It has been an odd few weeks I have been working on projects BUT have nothing to show for it but delays ( I think)

Bluffside for C& gut says it will not be ready for GenCon.
The Awakened in print, my gut says it will not be ready for GenCon.
Sam the Hanukkah Dragon is slowly getting some work on it, edits done just waiting for some art.
King of Thieves-playtesting done, more of that and some work on getting it ready for Kickstarter.
Boardgame #2, slow, we both seem to have other projects so it gets moved around.

I am looking forward to GenCon even if my two books are not available.

I am waiting to start on the Awakened II with the authors until they get a rough version of book I, it will help them place their characters.

I am hoping to ger a rough sketch of the cover for The Awakened II this week.

The bookplates for The Awakened are back in the USA and are moving all around the country as we speak.  All the stories and art are turned in and I received, edited and turned in Darren's bonus story to Neal as well, it is a great read!