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Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day Update

Still working slowly on my children's book.

Bluffside should have some official information on the Troll Lord's site soon.

Fall of Man is starting to go into an excel sheet to figure costs etc.... still looking for an October (ish) Kickstarter.

King of Thieves and The Edge boardgames and always being tweaked and looked at, both should be 2014 Kickstarters.

The Awakned anthology is in final proofs for layout and I am hoping to have it in your hands soon.

The Awakened II is being worked on, cover and stories and we are actively discussing the RPG setting for it as well.

It looks like Samurai Sheepdog is looking to release 3-4 big projects a year, exciting news for us.

Had a great phone meeting with Darrin Drader, well when his phone did not cut us off.

Tony Sczcudlo is working on some stuff for me and other companies, if you have a project, drop me a line and let's see if we can keep him busy.

Necronomicon is coming up in Tampa again and I will be on a few panels.
Check it out if you will be around.

And lastly for your enjoyment, my samurai sheepdog as Yoda and a gangta' and a superhero.

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