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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Update 9/22/13

We are continually working on the web site in trying to make it as cleaned and informative as possible. Samurai Sheepdog

The Awakened book I will be completely laid out an edited very soon and I'm looking forward to it and assuming it will begin an October release.

Fall of man that is 80% done and we have people ready to go to complete it and all of the additional books once are Kickstarter funds.  Right now we're working on budgets and size of the books in order to determine what we need to do to make this project successful.

The rest of the projects are coming along at different stages with different people as well, nothing new to report.

The only thing a little different is my health I am having some issues and going to the doctor to determine what level and seriousness my issues are currently at.

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