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Monday, October 21, 2013

This was the news...Fall of Man goodness

Greenwood and Byers join Fall of Man RPG

As of the end of Necronomicon, Samurai Sheepdog is proud to announce that Ed Greenwood and Richard Lee Byers will both join our exceptional list of contributors to the upcoming Fall of Man role playing game, the current team consists of Doug Herring, Ken Shannon, Hal Greenberg, Darren Pearce, Clinton Boomer, Warren Bailey, Chris Lites, Frank Frey.

Fall of Man is gothic fantasy setting on a ruined Earth.

In Fall of Man you play survivors of the event that shattered and changed two worlds. One is our world of science and reason, Earth, and the other is a world of fantasy and magic, Gothos. You will play one of the many types of new characters available from the Asphalt Samurai to the mighty spell casting Wizard. You might be a human or mutant, an elf or perhaps a dwarf. One thing is for certain. Life on Earth is a precarious thing and death can come quickly.

What you need to know:

Fall of Man will be able to be played as a system unto itself based which will be familiar to any d20, Pathfinder or D&D player. However, it is also designed to work as a multi-system setting able to be played fully in Pathfinder, Castles and Crusades, 13th Age, and others. Follow us on Fall of Man on Facebook and the Samurai Sheepdog web site and join us when it Kickstarts in late 2013!

Samurai Sheepdog is the Mystic Eye Games team (Doug Herring, Hal Greenberg, Ken Shannon) reformed and renamed to be better suited for creating wonderful games, books, graphic novels and more.

Ed Greenwood is a Canadian-born fantasy writer and the original creator of the Forgotten Realms game world. He began writing articles about the Forgotten Realms for Dragon magazine beginning in 1979, and subsequently sold the rights to the setting to TSR, the creators of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, in 1986. He has written many Forgotten Realms novels, as well as numerous articles and D&D game supplement books.

Richard Lee Byers is the author of forty fantasy and horror novels including many set in the Forgotten Realms and other RPG universes. His recent books include Blind God's Bluff (the first in a new urban fantasy series), The Impostor #2: The Blood Machine (the latest installment in a post-apocalyptic superhero series), and The Plague Knight and Other Stories (a collection of heroic fantasy stories.) He is a fencing, poker, and gaming enthusiast and writes "Astrojive" (a monthly opinion column) for the science fiction news site Airlock Alpha.

Fall of Man © and ™ Samurai Sheepdog 2002

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