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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week in Review 10/13/13

Let's see....

The Awakened eBook should be here in the next 2 weeks with the print copy to follow a few weeks behind!

The Awakened II and the RPG are getting bantered about.

Fall of Man will have a December Kickstarter, it will be a massive tome, 300+ pages.  Lot's of surprises and some real talent has been added to round out this project.

Next meeting for Sam the Hanukkah Dragon is next week.

Boardgames are moving ahead.

I have been asked to be a stretch goal by TPK games on their upcoming Kickstarter, it looks real cool and hope I get to work with Brian and his team.

Christina Stiles and I are teaming up to start a series of cool C&C secondary races, we are focusing on dwarves first.  I am working on this with Bluffside contributor Brian Boonstra and stat and C&C guru Peter Schroeder. If these do well we will keep doing these small PDF's, so if you like this idea, show this project some love when it gets released and we can keep going.

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