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Monday, October 21, 2013

Week in Review 10/21/13-Vague edition

I need to hold some stuff back so there will be some vague posting here.

Let's see:
The Awakened book I PDF should be out any day with the other eBook's soon after and the printed books should arrive in the warehouse in November ( I hope), remember I am not the publisher on this one so just getting updates from him.

The Awakened book II has been ordered, cover is ordered and it is moving along swimmingly.

The Awakened RPG is being discussed and I think the setting will be a pleasant difference to most settings.  We also have this tweak of the logo from Jhoneil:

Board games are moving along at different paces, so many more pieces to get set in motion.

Sam the Hanukkah Dragon meeting #2 is happening tomorrow, if there is anything to show I will post it.

Fall of Man is looking great, and we have added more veterans to the ranks, official PR blurb to be released tomorrow.  The art looks great so far, the writing is so unique and the ideas and twists keep coming.  The more we discuss it the more excited I am to get this launched in December.

I am doing a side project with Christina Stiles, Expanded Races for C&C, we should here more about it at the end of the week.  She just started her own line for C&C and it is about Kobolds, it can be found here: Fantasy Races Unlocked: Kobolds.

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