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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Week in Review 12/28/13 Edition

Got my copies of Bluffside for Castles and Crusades and it looks great.

Received the 3rd short for The Awakened II and another great, moving story.

We have postponed Fall of Man on Kickstarter because we read that KS's that start in December tend to do less monetarily.

Received a few images of Tony Szczudlo's upcoming cover for TPK Games and it looks awesome.

Expanded Races: Amber Dwarves is now on sale for C&C art RPGNow, go check it out.

Working on even more goodies for 2014, very excited about it all.

May go to MegaCon 2014 for a day, we will see how it goes.

Playing in my first online Pathfinder game run by THE Jim Butler today, woo hoo.

Have a great New Year and will talk to you all after 2013 leaves and 2014 is upon us.

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