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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Long Overdue Update 10/19/14

First, I am sorry it has been forever since I blogged and it is mostly due to my recovery (or lack of) from my surgery that I had done 8/5/14.

So I will recap stuff I am working on:

Adventure In: It is a casual dungeon crawling adventure, you and 1 - 3 fellow Adventurers journey to face the ultimate Encounter! I am working on the art direction and it is looking great! We had a nice coming soon banner at GenCon and it was very exciting.

The Awakened book I: You should have your book soon or getting a refund if overseas if you have not received your books. If there is any issues email Neal at darkquestgamesatgmaildotcom subject line Kickstarter and please mention your name on KS and your tier.

The Awakened book II: Final edits are being completed, and final art is being wrapped up, it will be out late 2014/early 2015.

Awakened III, Modern, RPG, Isle of Bones: All being worked on for next year and in different stages of completion.

Bluffside for Pathfinder: edits are done, so it is a matter of art and layout, our Pathfinder items should be coming out through RGG soon!

Fall of Man Pathfinder: Final edits done, cover done, need interior art and layout.

Heroes of Gracia: Darrin Drader novel we put out and is available on amazon in eBook and trade (click choice to go to page).

Sam the Hanukkah Dragon: Still in our thoughts but with surgery issues, real life etc...kinda on back burner.

RPG Creators Relief Fund: I am president of this great charity and its first PDF bundle will be out soon, this charity is to help tabletop RPG creators and artists get some financial relief in a disaster. Please donate if you can, share it around wither way.

Other games, comic book for The Awakened and a few other things coming out, I hope you will purchase what I have worked on and then enjoy it!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weeks in Review 7/6/14 Edition

I have been quiet and I am sorry.

Let's get some updates:

The Awakened (book I), there are a few people who still have not received the books and I am trying to help resolve these issues with the publisher.

The Awakened (book II) edits should be happeneing, some interior art is being worked on as well as the cover, all should be in by end of August for a late 2014 release (I hope).

The Awakened RPG is also slowly getting ready, we are going over ideas, and tweaking stuff as we speak,

The Awakened: Isle of Bones anthology focusing on the first of 6 islands surrounding the mainland of Grimaton is also being worked on.

The Awakened: Modern is still on track for a mid 2015 release.

Adventure In is being worked on and playtested as we speak, and we hope to show more soon.

Pathfinder version of Fall of Man AND Bluffside: Ultimate Edition are completed and almost completed for a final edit. These will be available in PDF and print soon (ish).
Getting ready for GenCon and more updates on that soon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Salty Bay Con is This Weekend.

I will be hanging out and will have some of my books available.

Here is my schedule:

Our Industry Experience 1pm-2pm
Chris Jackson
Christopher Lee Wilde
Hal Greenberg

Critical Hit: Combat in Fiction 3pm-4pm
Chris Jackson
Christopher Lee Wilde
Hal Greenberg


Our Current Projects 12pm-13pm
Chris Jackson
Christopher Lee Wilde
Hal Greenberg

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week(s) in Review 5/27/14 Edition

Picture I have been a bad blogger, and for that I am sorry.
It has been over a month since my last post.

We have some great news about Fall of Man, it will be out this year and the tweaks are looking great. More about this and a few more RPG goodies in June.

Our next Expanded Race (Oasis Elves) should be out in June/July for C&C.

We have some boardgames in prototype stage and are a lot of fun, Adventure In is one of them.

I will be at Salty Bay Con this June 6, 7, and 8th.

Less than a week left for you to turn in the Open Call pitches for The Awakened: Isle of Bones.

We will have The Heroes of Gracia novel by Darrin Drader up on Amazon soon as well!

More projects and an exciting announcement soon™.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Picture Maywakened!


The Awakened update:

-All but a handful of the hardcovers have been or are being shipped. This means 90% of the hardcover backers should see their copy by mid-May! Thank you for your patience.

-The bonus story by Darren Pearce that was promised during the Kickstarter will be released this month.

-You still have the rest of the month to get your pitches in for the anthology The Awakened: Isle of Bones. If interested, click here and check it out!

-It is my birthday month! So how am I celebrating? By giving away presents to YOU!!! Just go to Goodreads for your chance to win a paperback version of The Awakened: Book I.

-If you have not bought The Awakened: Book I, what are you waiting for? If you already have, please head over and post a review and/or rating of it on these great websites:


Barnes and Noble


Here is a great review of the book that was posted over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

-The Awakened: Book II has been written and is slated to be released in late 2014

-I am THRILLED to announce the next three cover artists for The Awakened: Books II, III and IV!!!

Book II - Tony Sczcudlo - TSR artist most known for his work on Birthright and Magic cards

Book III - Jeff Easley - TSR artist most known for his work on the cover art of AD&D hardcover books

Book IV - Fred Fields - TSR artist most known for his work in Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft

-The Awakened: Modern Books I and II have been approved and the first book is slated to be released in early to mid-2015

This is all great news and I can’t wait to get more info out as we are allowed! Thank you for your continued support.

The Awakened is © and ™ Hal Greenberg 2012

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week in Review 4/13/14 Edition

Picture So as you can see I am giving away a few of my The Awakened paperbacks to try and get more people involved in that setting.
I am still trying to get an update on the hardcovers-if you want an update email Neal at, the more people who inquire the quicker we get a status update.

Book II is sent to the publisher and I am expecting a cover to be done by the end of May. I just sent out two contracts about covers for books III and IV!!

Freelance work is here, just trying to get some clarifications on what to do, we are in an odd spot where we were asked to do work but the template has not been created so we offered a template idea and now waiting to see what happens, usually you get asked for a job and it is given specifically to you or you pitch a job and already have the basics laid out, this was a mish mosh, not unhappy with it, just interesting.

We are getting a few books converted to Pathfinder including Fall of Man, the project lives, more information to come in May, but PA fans, Pathfinder fans and fans of our previous work will not be disappointed!!

So I am keeping real busy including some work on a starter project that I hope comes to fruition, it will be a slow but wonderful thing if we can get it off the ground.

The Awakened on Amazon is available here
The Goodreads The Awakened page is here

Reviews would be awesome!!!

The Awakened Giveaway on Goodreads

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week in Review 4/6/14 Edition

Picture Slightly vague and I do apologize up front.
First off: Fans looking to get their hands on The Awakened series should look for TPK Games at their local Midwest conventions. Hal Greenberg and TPK Games have joined forces to support the expansion of this great book and both are excited about this new partnership. TPK Games will be the official “The Awakened Headquarters” at any convention they attend and will have all of The Awakened series currently available for purchase.

I just turned the finals for The Awakened II to the publisher, this series is still so strong and vibrant, I love it. The cover should be done around the end of May and when we get a peek, you will right after. I have some exciting announcements for the cover artists for book III, and IV late in the summer.

We are restructuring our RPG titles this year and will have some very exciting news in May about this, look for a fomal press release soon. What I will say is Fall of Man will be coming soon to print and PDF!

More freelance work is on my plate and should make April a busy month.

I am working on some other RPG industry stuff but not games, as I can say more I will.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Update 3/23/14 Edition

I went to MegaCon and it was a real treat. It is a comic/anime con, not really a gaming convention but I enjoyed my day there. I bought some cool stuff and had fun with friends.

I had Bluffside and The Awakened book I sent to Wil Weaton and hoping he enjoys them.

Not a lot going on besides what I have been going over for the past few months....The Awakened book II, III etc, The Hunt: Rise of Evil for Pathfinder, and slowly gearing up to GenCon.

If you are going to GaryCon this weekend then go see Tony Szczudlo, this will be his first con in over 15 years.

OK, more info next week.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekend Update 3/18/13-Special Awakened Edition

Picture It is now official, we have 3 more "Awakened" books coming out in 2015!!

The Awakened book III
The Awakened:Modern
The Awakened: Isle of Bones

Isle of Bones is currently having an open call, go check it out HERE.

We also have more books for you in 2016, and an RPG set to Kickstart in 2014 with a 2015 release.

The popularity of this series has really caught on and we thank all of you for your support.

So excited!

I have more news like cover artists and contributors but those will have to come later.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week in Review 3/10/14 Edition

Lots going on, and it is mostly good news!

Awakened II stories are almost all back from edits from the authors, I am hoping to turn them in by 4//1/14. The cover should be done by May.
The talented Tony Szczudlo will be painting book II's cover.

I have pulled a Mission Impossible theme when it comes to The Awakened series core line, for the first four books I will have a different author paint a cover but keep the theme consistent, and I am trying to get some of the classic game artists from TSR to join in the fun.

I am currently working on The Awakened: Modern and I am using Chicago as the backdrop, so far it has been a lot of fun, these stories will tend to go a bit longer and be more adult themed so up to a rating of "R" if this was a movie while the fantasy line will never go above "PG".

Working on the other books in the series as well and trying to balance my freelance work at the same time.

We just ordered a new cover for the award nominated The Hunt setting for Pathfinder, we will have that as our next focus on Kickstarter. We are excited.

I am going to MegaCon in Orlando as a fan, but am only going on Friday. Looking forward to the break from work and the long weekend.

The next convention I will be a guest at is Salty Bay Con 2014, it is pure gaming with a side of a few morning panels, it is a lot of fun.

Sorry about missing last week, and see ya on the other side.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week in Review 2/23/14 Edition-Awakened Update!

Picture Got turned down for a freelance job, our ideas were not in line with the publisher, and that is fine, but i do hope to work with them soon.
Getting another pitch ready and it is an unusual idea so we will see if that one sticks.

Awakened updates!!

Book II is slowly getting compiled, and once all stories are back from edits from the authors will go to the publisher.  A cover should be done by the end of April and will feature the same 3 from the original just in a colder climate (you did not hear that from me).

Book III has officially been greenlit for 2015, so that is awesome.

The Awakened: Modern has officially been greenlit as well for early 2015, so expect to see that before book III.

We are self publishing an eBook for The Awakened to coincide with the launch of The Awakened RPG, it is called The Awakened Island of Bones and will feature one of the islands (not the mainland, I call Grimaton) and part of the excitement of this will be an open call for a few short stories in the book.
More information will be coming soon.

It will come in waves, first have a style guide made public for the setting and than  my intent will be to have a pitch for your story no more than 200 words, we will pick a set number based on those and give out the specifics on it to those authors and if they agree we will have them write a 5k or so short and then a few will be selected for the eBook, if picked you will receive monies for your work.

TLDR; Four more The Awakened books for 2014-2015, and RPG as well and an open call for the eBook.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Update 2/17/14 edition

Picture Fall of Man did not fund, looking back we realized we should of started smaller to build up a reputation and a fan base first. So we are going to do just that, we are going to work on a few projects we can successfully get out the door quickly and for about $5k.

This will let us fund easier and show people that Samurai Sheepdog can produce products and will be a solid company to trust when you are Kickstarting.  Once we have a few of those under our belt we feel we can start bringing out some larger projects like Fall of Man.

It appears like most US backer have the trade paperback edition of The Awakened, if you bought the hardcover or a mix, they will be available soon. The publisher just sent me one of the samples to make sure there were no errors.
So I am looking forward to having him get those out to fans.

I am working hard on The Awakened II and more books for that line (more on that soon).

I just finished up another expanded race for CSP (freelance work) and hope to see the two races we sent her but are not for sale out soon.

had a rush request for a small freelance job, and sent that off this AM, it was just a pitch but we had fun on it so I hope it works out.

Other projects are moving along at different rates of speed, and we have a lot of good stuff coming soon to a bookshelf near you.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Update 02/9/14-Inspiration

I am going to start with what inspired me as a child.
Great stories and art. Terry Brooks, Robert Adams, Stephen King and Margaret Weiss/Tracy Hickman as well as the writers of all of the D&D material of that era.  I was in their worlds and wanted to go back, that is what inspired me.
Equally the artists of that time inspired me, the covers of those books, the art for D&D-Elmore, Easley, Holloway, Earl, Dee, Kelly and many others.  I always loved the art, it inspired me to go into my mind and think of what else those characters might be doing.

As I grew up I used those inspirations and thoughts and created interesting ideas and I was fortunate enough to get some into print. Even more amazing is some people actually like them!

I have/had the pleasure of working with Holloway, Easley, Lockwood, Szczudlo (to name a few) and get some art from some of the great fantasy artists of this time and have them hanging in my home. I do not go to bars, go gambling, drink or smoke, I spend my time and money living in what I like to call Nerdvana-my house filled with art, props, books, games and fun.  I consider myself very lucky to have this life and I needed to thank those from the past, present and future- collaborators, fans, friends and family-THANK YOU!

What inspired me to write about this was the great news that in 2014-2015 it appears we will have 4 more The Awakened books available!  The Awakened is already out on Amazon, we have book II in 2014, The Awakened Modern, book III and an eBook tentatively called The Awakened: Island of Bones for 2015, and let's not forget about the RPG setting to accompany this setting.

I am just so grateful for the opportunities I get to enrich my life with the fantastical and I hope it shows through in my work.

Above is a few pieces from my personal collection I have, maybe they will inspire you!

CSP Expanded Races PDF's for C&C are on sale, and another should be available soon.

We have one week left on our Kickstarter and a long way to go.  We have some great plans for RPG's and future Kickstarters so Fall of Man will be taking a break but it will be back!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Update 2/2/14

Picture Our Kickstarter for Fall of Man is still going, we are looking a a long horse here, maybe we went too big for out first project, but we are trying!!!

The Awakened finally is getting to all US backers with the foreign ones on the way soon for the paperback.  Hardcover is experiencing some issues and is still being worked on, hope to here more on that soon.

My collaboration with Stan! is still on, just being shifted due to some priorities.

Samurai Sheepdog has a lot of projects we are working on and just brought in Warren Bailey to the company to help focus on certain projects, and so far we are thrilled to have him.

The Awakened book II is being worked on as we speak, even though the publisher is still working on getting book I out to backers of his Kickstarter.

Just got out flight booked for GenCon, hotel was already secured so now we wait!!!

The shorts for The Awakened II are just as strong as book I and some of the characters will even come back to visit us again!

More on The Awakened RPG soon ™.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy 40th B-day D&D

D&D was (is) a HUGE influence on me, while there have been times where I may have abandoned the hobby of RPG's, I have always come back to it.  Now that I am older I am comfortable with who I am and what I want to do, so it will be with me for the next 40 years.

It influenced me in writing and designing games, books and entire worlds.

So I want to say thanks to Gary Gygax, and Dave Arneson (R.I.P to both), you have fed my imagination and my free time and I cannot thank you enough.  People do not realize how much it impacted all types of games our kids play today, it brought levels to gaming, races, classes and much more, so even if you are not a player of D7d, your gaming has been influenced by it, so take a second and thank it because most likely something you play and do has been touched by this fantastic game.

The picture above is a 6th edition white box set of the original D&D that I was fortunate enough to have signed by both Arneson and Gygax at the last GenCon that was held in Wisconsin.  it is one of my favorite possessions.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fall of Man Kickstarter is Now Live!!

We are in the first week of the Fall of Man Kickstarter, and man do we keep busy!!

Adding new members to the team, reuninting with fans from the MEG/TG era, and just figuring out how to tell you this exists without it showing up in people's social media every 10 minutes.

It is the first one under us as a team od Samurai Sheepdog, so it is both exciting and scary.

If you can help us spread the word about it by liking the KS page or sharing the link.  If this is something you think deserves to be made we would honored if you would pledge as well.

I may be focused on this projects till mid-February but I have many other things I am working on as well, stay tuned till after the KS for more on that!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year in Review

This was a pretty big year for me a few firsts:
First piece of fiction published
First anthology printed based on a world I created
First Kickstarter that I assisted in
First time I was a stretch goal for someone's Kickstarter
First time I converted an older book to a new system
First time I worked on my first cover for a piece of fiction
First time I am an artists "agent"
I am sure I missed some...

In addition to firsts it was the first time I have a piece published in about 8 years, so it was great to have my comeback!!!!
2014 looks awesome
I am currently doing freelance fiction and freelance RPG material
Working on my first kids book
Working on a sequel to our fiction anthology The Awakened
Working on Fall of Man Kickstarter for this month and a few more over the rest of this year

And I am sure more will come up-and some is it is just secret at this time.