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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy 40th B-day D&D

D&D was (is) a HUGE influence on me, while there have been times where I may have abandoned the hobby of RPG's, I have always come back to it.  Now that I am older I am comfortable with who I am and what I want to do, so it will be with me for the next 40 years.

It influenced me in writing and designing games, books and entire worlds.

So I want to say thanks to Gary Gygax, and Dave Arneson (R.I.P to both), you have fed my imagination and my free time and I cannot thank you enough.  People do not realize how much it impacted all types of games our kids play today, it brought levels to gaming, races, classes and much more, so even if you are not a player of D7d, your gaming has been influenced by it, so take a second and thank it because most likely something you play and do has been touched by this fantastic game.

The picture above is a 6th edition white box set of the original D&D that I was fortunate enough to have signed by both Arneson and Gygax at the last GenCon that was held in Wisconsin.  it is one of my favorite possessions.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fall of Man Kickstarter is Now Live!!

We are in the first week of the Fall of Man Kickstarter, and man do we keep busy!!

Adding new members to the team, reuninting with fans from the MEG/TG era, and just figuring out how to tell you this exists without it showing up in people's social media every 10 minutes.

It is the first one under us as a team od Samurai Sheepdog, so it is both exciting and scary.

If you can help us spread the word about it by liking the KS page or sharing the link.  If this is something you think deserves to be made we would honored if you would pledge as well.

I may be focused on this projects till mid-February but I have many other things I am working on as well, stay tuned till after the KS for more on that!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year in Review

This was a pretty big year for me a few firsts:
First piece of fiction published
First anthology printed based on a world I created
First Kickstarter that I assisted in
First time I was a stretch goal for someone's Kickstarter
First time I converted an older book to a new system
First time I worked on my first cover for a piece of fiction
First time I am an artists "agent"
I am sure I missed some...

In addition to firsts it was the first time I have a piece published in about 8 years, so it was great to have my comeback!!!!
2014 looks awesome
I am currently doing freelance fiction and freelance RPG material
Working on my first kids book
Working on a sequel to our fiction anthology The Awakened
Working on Fall of Man Kickstarter for this month and a few more over the rest of this year

And I am sure more will come up-and some is it is just secret at this time.