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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week in Review 2/23/14 Edition-Awakened Update!

Picture Got turned down for a freelance job, our ideas were not in line with the publisher, and that is fine, but i do hope to work with them soon.
Getting another pitch ready and it is an unusual idea so we will see if that one sticks.

Awakened updates!!

Book II is slowly getting compiled, and once all stories are back from edits from the authors will go to the publisher.  A cover should be done by the end of April and will feature the same 3 from the original just in a colder climate (you did not hear that from me).

Book III has officially been greenlit for 2015, so that is awesome.

The Awakened: Modern has officially been greenlit as well for early 2015, so expect to see that before book III.

We are self publishing an eBook for The Awakened to coincide with the launch of The Awakened RPG, it is called The Awakened Island of Bones and will feature one of the islands (not the mainland, I call Grimaton) and part of the excitement of this will be an open call for a few short stories in the book.
More information will be coming soon.

It will come in waves, first have a style guide made public for the setting and than  my intent will be to have a pitch for your story no more than 200 words, we will pick a set number based on those and give out the specifics on it to those authors and if they agree we will have them write a 5k or so short and then a few will be selected for the eBook, if picked you will receive monies for your work.

TLDR; Four more The Awakened books for 2014-2015, and RPG as well and an open call for the eBook.

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