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Monday, March 10, 2014

Week in Review 3/10/14 Edition

Lots going on, and it is mostly good news!

Awakened II stories are almost all back from edits from the authors, I am hoping to turn them in by 4//1/14. The cover should be done by May.
The talented Tony Szczudlo will be painting book II's cover.

I have pulled a Mission Impossible theme when it comes to The Awakened series core line, for the first four books I will have a different author paint a cover but keep the theme consistent, and I am trying to get some of the classic game artists from TSR to join in the fun.

I am currently working on The Awakened: Modern and I am using Chicago as the backdrop, so far it has been a lot of fun, these stories will tend to go a bit longer and be more adult themed so up to a rating of "R" if this was a movie while the fantasy line will never go above "PG".

Working on the other books in the series as well and trying to balance my freelance work at the same time.

We just ordered a new cover for the award nominated The Hunt setting for Pathfinder, we will have that as our next focus on Kickstarter. We are excited.

I am going to MegaCon in Orlando as a fan, but am only going on Friday. Looking forward to the break from work and the long weekend.

The next convention I will be a guest at is Salty Bay Con 2014, it is pure gaming with a side of a few morning panels, it is a lot of fun.

Sorry about missing last week, and see ya on the other side.

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