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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week in Review 4/6/14 Edition

Picture Slightly vague and I do apologize up front.
First off: Fans looking to get their hands on The Awakened series should look for TPK Games at their local Midwest conventions. Hal Greenberg and TPK Games have joined forces to support the expansion of this great book and both are excited about this new partnership. TPK Games will be the official “The Awakened Headquarters” at any convention they attend and will have all of The Awakened series currently available for purchase.

I just turned the finals for The Awakened II to the publisher, this series is still so strong and vibrant, I love it. The cover should be done around the end of May and when we get a peek, you will right after. I have some exciting announcements for the cover artists for book III, and IV late in the summer.

We are restructuring our RPG titles this year and will have some very exciting news in May about this, look for a fomal press release soon. What I will say is Fall of Man will be coming soon to print and PDF!

More freelance work is on my plate and should make April a busy month.

I am working on some other RPG industry stuff but not games, as I can say more I will.

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