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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weeks in Review 7/6/14 Edition

I have been quiet and I am sorry.

Let's get some updates:

The Awakened (book I), there are a few people who still have not received the books and I am trying to help resolve these issues with the publisher.

The Awakened (book II) edits should be happeneing, some interior art is being worked on as well as the cover, all should be in by end of August for a late 2014 release (I hope).

The Awakened RPG is also slowly getting ready, we are going over ideas, and tweaking stuff as we speak,

The Awakened: Isle of Bones anthology focusing on the first of 6 islands surrounding the mainland of Grimaton is also being worked on.

The Awakened: Modern is still on track for a mid 2015 release.

Adventure In is being worked on and playtested as we speak, and we hope to show more soon.

Pathfinder version of Fall of Man AND Bluffside: Ultimate Edition are completed and almost completed for a final edit. These will be available in PDF and print soon (ish).
Getting ready for GenCon and more updates on that soon.