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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Long Overdue Update 10/19/14

First, I am sorry it has been forever since I blogged and it is mostly due to my recovery (or lack of) from my surgery that I had done 8/5/14.

So I will recap stuff I am working on:

Adventure In: It is a casual dungeon crawling adventure, you and 1 - 3 fellow Adventurers journey to face the ultimate Encounter! I am working on the art direction and it is looking great! We had a nice coming soon banner at GenCon and it was very exciting.

The Awakened book I: You should have your book soon or getting a refund if overseas if you have not received your books. If there is any issues email Neal at darkquestgamesatgmaildotcom subject line Kickstarter and please mention your name on KS and your tier.

The Awakened book II: Final edits are being completed, and final art is being wrapped up, it will be out late 2014/early 2015.

Awakened III, Modern, RPG, Isle of Bones: All being worked on for next year and in different stages of completion.

Bluffside for Pathfinder: edits are done, so it is a matter of art and layout, our Pathfinder items should be coming out through RGG soon!

Fall of Man Pathfinder: Final edits done, cover done, need interior art and layout.

Heroes of Gracia: Darrin Drader novel we put out and is available on amazon in eBook and trade (click choice to go to page).

Sam the Hanukkah Dragon: Still in our thoughts but with surgery issues, real life etc...kinda on back burner.

RPG Creators Relief Fund: I am president of this great charity and its first PDF bundle will be out soon, this charity is to help tabletop RPG creators and artists get some financial relief in a disaster. Please donate if you can, share it around wither way.

Other games, comic book for The Awakened and a few other things coming out, I hope you will purchase what I have worked on and then enjoy it!

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